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Welcome to HytaleSquare
By Gyllie on 10 February 2019 at 4:44:38 PM
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Hey everyone,

Welcome to HytaleSquare. After a couple weeks of development we have just released our first version of HytaleSquare. Some features are still under development but we didn't see them either required to be finished for our release or we are still waiting on more news from Hytale to know how certain features of the game will work.

What will HytaleSquare offer?

HytaleSquare is a free to use community platform planning on offering multiple features like an unofficial forum, server lists & server voting, resource sharing, offering services and much more.

Unofficial forum
Talk about Hytale, Show of your fanart or other Hytale creations or even talk about other total random things.

Server listing
Every server owner can promote their server and allow users to find their servers based on filters the user choses. Users will also be able to rate their favorite server and leave comments.

Server voting
Integrated with the server listings allowing users to vote for their favorite servers every single day. The system will also have an integrated system to allow server owners to reward users who vote for their servers.

Resource sharing
Did you create some nice resources like a custom map, some ingame scripts, new models or anything else? Well the resource sharing section will allow you to share these with the other users allowing them to download and use it.

Service offering
Are you an artist, coder, content creator or got some other magic powers and want to offer your services to other users who don't well this section will allow you to promote yourself and allow users to find you based on what needs they have.

Why should I chose for HytaleSquare

I know many of you will be like "oh this is another market place or another server list trying to be the big one". Yes we are aware that there is already multiple other websites/forums/serverlists out there but we try to be different from them. The thing we think differs us from all the others out there is that we build our platform completely from scratch will fully custom written code. Our complete website & backend is written by our developers and not using software you can find on the internet to setup forums.

The reason we chose to do this is because it allows us to be 100% in charge of how things work and we can make it exactly the way we want without loads of unneeded features slowing our platform down, making it more unstable etc.

What features are already working?

The main feature which we are releasing right now is our unofficial forum which should be fully operational. Go explore the forum here and browse the many categories where you can write your own post or react to other posts. Do you like or dislike a thread/post then give it a like or dislike and so on. Many more features are still planned to be added over time.

User Profiles
You can edit your profile by going to your settings and update your bio, description, website, social media and also update your profile picture.

Are you a content creator or just have a big friend base and want to bring your viewers/friends over to HytaleSquare? Then make sure to use a referral link by making one in your settings and share that link. You'll be able to see how many times your links were clicked and how many users ended up using it to register. You can also create as many links as you want and give them unique names to know which link you use for what cause.


HytaleSquare is a community platform offering multiple services all custom developed and still planning many more features. If you've got any ideas feel free to go over to our Ideas & Feedback section to suggest it.

I hope you all enjoy your stay here and thanks for choosing for us!

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